Baldur’s Gate 3 Reveal – My Initial Thoughts

I just finished watching Baldur’s Gate 3 reveal. The big buzz post reveal is the fact that Baldur’s Gate 3 is turn based. I think this is the right move. It mimics the tabletop RPG experience. its yet to be seen how this change from the original Baldur’s Gate games will be accepted by fan of the old games (they were real time with pause) but I think most fans of BG3’s predecessors were already familiar with the way a traditional tabletop rpg is played. Therefore, the move to turned based play will only server to move the Baldur’s Gate IP closer to its roots.

What negative comments I’ve heard about the reveal so far have come from the non-rpg / non-tabletop community. PC and console gamers who prefer RTS games are going to turn their nose up at a turn based game but especially a video of someone playing one. I get it. Turn based gaming is not a spectator-type game. I don’t even like to watch the roleplaying groups that have gotten popular on Twitch. Watching people play a tabletop roleplaying game is boring. The ones that are popular – looking at you Critical Role – isn’t actually a realistic interpretation of a the typical tabletop game. (Realmsmith would be the exception to otherwise boring tabletop broadcasts – they are entertaining, and represent a real game very well)

I’m not wholly bought in on Baldur’s Gate. I’m not screaming “Take My Money Now” . I’ve been burned enough already jumping in too soon, lured by early release promotions and whatnot. No, the days of drinking game studio Kool-Aid are over, but I am excited to see the approach to Baldur’s Gate Larian Games is taking. It’s obvious they want to respect the Dungeons & Dragons brand and its fans with the respect.

I welcome all courteous replies!