Mishap Games Grand Opening

This weekend I attended Mishap Games grand opening event celebrating their relocation from the Blues Hills area of the eastern Roanoke Valley to the heart of Roanoke City. Mishap owner James Dixon purchased the landmark restaurant Fiji Island and has converted into a one stop shopping and gaming experience for just about any tabletop game you would want to play. Iconic tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Fate Core and Cypher to tabletop miniature game titles Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Star Wars X-Wing and Runewars can all be found here.

Mishap Games also has a huge selection of board and card games for all ages. I saw versions of Catan I never knew existed. There is a large section dedicated to Arkham Horror. Another section is dedicated to games for young children. Want a drinking game? I found one I had never seen. You really need to visit the store to get a proper perspective of just how large the selection is.

In addition to the games and tables/space to play them, Mishap has accessories to support the titles they carry. They have a large selection of polyhedral dice, dice bags, card sleeves, Wizkid Nolzurs miniatures, miniature paints and painting supplies, carrying cases, play mats, dice trays, basing materials…etc.

I don’t know another store anywhere in Virginia along the I81 corridor – from Bristol to Harrisonburg – that carries the variety of board games, roleplaying games, tabletop miniature games and accessories, plus offers as many tables and the space to play them in. But James is only getting started. He has renovation plans for the basement that include private game rooms and restaurant style food and beverage services for hungry gamers.

After 2 hours participating in an indoor scavenger hunt, I got very familiar with Mishap Games inventory and their friendly staff. I’m proud to say I found “all the mice” and claimed my 10% discount reward which I put toward the Arkham Horror card game I spied during my search. But more importantly I got to share the space with kindred spirits, strike up some friendly conversation with fellow gamers and got to know the great staff James has. I recommend you stop by and see for yourself.

I welcome all courteous replies!