Baldur’s Gate 3 – Update No.1

The latest issue of the Larian Gazette (Larian Studios mailer) hit inboxes last night. This is the first issue since BG3’s reveal at Pax East. We get another teaser about “Early Access” but no indication of when that will be. We know now that planning for this project started over 4 years ago.

we get a little more insight on the story. The Bhaalspawn saga of BG2 is now 100 years in the past, but the writer continues with “But the gods do not forget, and the shadows and scars of the past will not stay silent.” Doe that mean that there’s still some connection to BG2? The article also confirms that players wil “encounter legendary characters you know and love” and “how their stories evolved”. If we are 100 years into the future then that would mean any legendary characters from BG2 will not be human, unless their lives have been preserved by some magical means. There’s been speculation about the return of Minsc and Boo. This would be unlikely, but this is Dungeons & Dragons so anything is possible.

Read the Larian Gazette Here

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