Goblinsbane – My First Published Adventure


Lord Thornwright’s prized warhorse has been stolen in the middle of the night by a band of goblins. The noble seeks a group of adventurers to return his horse and deal with the thieves. The adventurers will have to use their skills to track the thieves through forest and bog to the goblins lair. If all goes well, the PC’s will gain a powerful ally along the way.  

I actually wrote this article back in April. I only now realized that the WordPress auto scheduler never posted this article – WTF! Regardless, I’m going to post it now, 4 months late. Who knows, maybe Goblinsbane will reach a few more people now.


In the shadow of Covid-19 and with “Shelter in Place” orders full implemented, I found myself with extra time on my hands. I had just had a discussion with a friend about running one shot adventures. I began writing out an example. What was supposed to be a short one-shot scene turned into two, three and finally four encounters all strung together. That one line sentence morphed into something much greater. Before I knew it, I had a beginning, middle and end!

I learned a lot putting this first adventure together. Publishing a PDF for public distribution has a lot more fidley bits than writing a report or creating a blog post. I don’t if I really have to spend all that money on Abobe but it certainly pays off when you have formatting issues – you don’t have to try hard to have those!

I’m sure I’ve got a lot more more “firsts” coming my way, i.e. criticism, rejection, embarrasment, ridicule…not that I haven’t already experienced any of these in my lifetime, but this will mark the first time for something like this. Any creator knows what I am talking about. Any time you put yourself in the public eye you open yourself to scrutiny. The best you can hope for is kind words and encouragement. The worst you can expect are the trolls. I don’t care. For too long I have put off doing “my thing” afraid what people might say. That’s no way to live.

About Goblinsbane

Goblinsbane is a one-shot adventure for four to six 1st level characters. This adventure has been designed with new dungeon masters in mind through a focus on simple skill challenges, straight forward combat and optional roleplay. It is intended to be used with the 5thedition Dungeons & Dragon Ruleset but is not tied to a specific campaign setting. It can run as a stand-alone adventure or be dropped into almost any rural wilderness setting.

Goblinsbane can be found HERE on the DMsGuild

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