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This is a collection of my “Go To'” Dungeons and Dragons online resources – a list of sites I depend on the most to hone my craft and make my game. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the wonderful sites available on the web but many of these sites include links to other great repositories of game mastery tools.

Sly Flourish

Mike Shea is also known as “The Lazy Dungeon Master”. I came across Mike’s site years ago and refer back to it often. If you’ve done any D&D research online, you have come across his site before. He has a very simple, easy-to-navigate website/Blog stuffed with links to tools, documents…etc. geared toward making a DM’s life a little easier. Mike has authored several resource books and adventures. He also has a newsletter, and creates content on Youtube and Twitch. Visit Sly Flourish for links to all his Lazy DM goodness.


Need to generate some names? Populate a town? Come up with a quick adventure scenario, a map, magic list or looking for a medieval demographics generator to populate your campaign word? It’s on Donjon – and not just for D&D. Visit Donjon

Kobold Fight Club

An online Encounter creator. If you concern yourself with Challenge Ratings then you’re gonna love Kobold Fight Club. You can set your party level and then add monsters from all the published works for D&D 5e monsters including major 3rd party sources. It has some code built in for running encounters, but I haven’t used it. I use it strictly as an encounter calculator. Visit Kobold Fight Club

The Arcane Eye

I don’t know much about Arcane Eye. I find some of their articles lacking a broad focus, i.e. the only recommendations for Virtual Tabletop ar Roll20 and Tabletop Simulator – that’s pretty thin. They offer some good class building guides and they have a newsletter sub. There are some good articles here. In particular, this article on Skill checks that every players should read. There’s a sweet flowchart (shown below) to go along with it. Visit The Arcane Eye


I recently discovered this webpage. This site has a number of generators:

  • One Page Dungeon with map and populated rooms
  • Medieval City, village, town generator
  • 3D Building maps – options for exporting SVG.
  • “In Browser Games” to pass the time.

Most notable for me and why I am including it – I needed a compass rose image asset for my DungeonFog maps. This site has a generator for compass roses. Below are three examples of what I created in a matter of minutes. Visit Watabou

Dungeonfog – Mapmaking

I’m not an expert on this subject by any means, but I have tried many map making software programs – free online to purchased programs. I have found Dungeonfog BY FAR to be the easiest and quickest program to generate maps. The maps I’ve created with Dungeonfog are the only maps I’ve ever created I would consider using in a publication. In fact, I have. This is the program I used to created the maps for my published adventure “Goblinsbane“.

Visit Dungeonfog

  • map created using Dungeonfog
  • map created using Dungeonfog
  • map created using Dungeonfog

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