Online Resources for Dungeon Masters


This is a collection of my "Go To'" Dungeons and Dragons online resources - a list of sites I depend on the most to hone my craft and make my game. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the wonderful sites available on the web but many of these sites include links … Continue reading Online Resources for Dungeon Masters

I will Never walk in Middle-Earth

FeaturedGandalf & Balrog

This post was inspired by the recent announcement that there is a new Lord of The Rings TTRPG game using Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules. For more information on that, check out Free League's press release. Some Tolkien fans like to boast how many times they’ve read The Hobbit, the LOTR trilogy, The Silmarilion..etc. … Continue reading I will Never walk in Middle-Earth

Critical Fumbles – Do You Use Them

Featuredslipped on a banana peel

At different times in my dungeon mastering career I have attempted to implement critical fumbles. The result has always been the same. I employ them once or twice and by the end of the session I have dropped them altogether. Whether I was rolling for a result on the chart or applying a static critical … Continue reading Critical Fumbles – Do You Use Them

Mishap Games Grand Opening

FeaturedMishap Games Storefront

This weekend I attended Mishap Games grand opening event celebrating their relocation from the Blues Hills area of the eastern Roanoke Valley to the heart of Roanoke City. Mishap owner James Dixon purchased the landmark restaurant Fiji Island and has converted into a one stop shopping and gaming experience for just about any tabletop game … Continue reading Mishap Games Grand Opening