Dice Casting

I’ve noticed a growing trend of Twitter – a lot of people posting pictures of polyhedral dice they’ve custom made. It seemed like 2019 was the year of Make-Your-Own-Dice. My first reaction was “That’s Pretty cool, but are they balanced?” Every time I’d see a new post I’d have the same reaction. Then one day, and I can honestly I don’t know why, I decided I’d give it a try. I remember the thought coming to mind, “If all of these people can do it, it can’t be that hard.”Good lord, am I an idiot!” You would think after tackling the painfully tedious art of Fly Tying way back in the nineties I would learn from my mistakes. Nope! Not me. So after just a couple weeks into the world of epoxy molds and resin fumes I am learning that the learning curve is a bit lower than affixing feathers and fur to a hook, it is no less a challenge to do it right. To hell with worrying about functionality, I just want to make one dice that doesn’t have bubbles, holes of half of its mass missing.

More Coming Soon